These two articles were sent to me through some colleagues and got me pondering:

I’m a month away from hitting my 3 year mark at Cynergy.  As I get closer, I start to reflect on how I got here, what I am doing now, and where I want to go.  I started off wanting to do UX but ended up as a Programmer.

One thing that I have been trying to work on is balancing  my design vs programming side.  I’ve been programming so much, that I often have a strong urge to create.

But what do I want to create and will it suffice?

In my current project, I’ve been tasked to do some refactoring.  It’s amazing and humbling to look back at old code and see how far a person has come along.  With every task that I have been assigned, my skills as a programmer has grown.  Sometimes, I wonder if my design side is diminishing because of that.  What can I do, to keep my design skills as sharp?

After being on the computer all day, I come home and avoid the computer.  I just don’t have the energy or desire at this time..